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7 Workplace Safety Tips that Every Employee Must Know


If employers are to believe, then nothing in a workplace is more embarrassing and unfortunate than employees getting injured on the job. And not only is this scenario tough for the employers, but it is also disturbing for the entire team of employees and the management.

Safety, thus in a workplace, is not an intangible phenomenon as it is more of a working norm in existence. You cannot afford to limit workplace safety in just paper practices, guidelines and policies.

Even in the world where workplace accidents are the most common sight, it is quite controllable to avoid such occurrences and the trick is in learning all the working methods to reduce the chances of getting injured. With that is mind, here we have listed the top 7 workplace safety tips that every employee should adhere to maintain work safety.

  1. Understand the risk factor of your job

Every job comes with a defined and an undefined list of risks and it is most important to know all of them. Before taking a job, understand all the risk factors that are associated with your job and be prepared to take effective measures to control the risk. And if you are somebody who uses a lot of dangerous equipment or hazardous chemicals, then keep extra care with the right set of knowledge and instructions to use them. Remember, care is the key here!

  1. Stress can hamper your work peace- Mind it!

Most of the professionals don’t realize the harmful consequences of stress- that how bad it is for the work-related injuries and can make you really ill. Working during the odd hours of the day, taking too much of workload, being insecure about the job, having conflicts with co-workers, and so on- these reasons can affect your work live in the most abrupt manner.

  1. Inculcate the habit of taking breaks

Schedule your work breaks, keep them small and be consistent about it! The practice will make you more alert and active for your work. For instance, you can also schedule toughest tasks during the most active hours of the day and this will also help your level of concentration.

  1. Keep your mechanical aid handy

Prevention is always better than cure so care for your cure and use mechanical aid to take the best advantage. Keep your conveyor belt, cranes, forklifts and wheelbarrows handy while performing heavy lifts to avoid accidents.

  1. Be a part of Safety Resources

The world of web is flooded with safety instructions and related resources but before accepting any of them, you have to be sure about the authenticity of your selected source. Be a part of some international EHSE advisors network, groups or communities to keep a sound check of your knowledge series.

  1. Report if your work conditions are UNSAFE!

As a responsible employee, it becomes your duty to report any form of unsafe work condition in the workplace to the employer. Creating the right set of awareness is crucial for all and the more alert you are, the more responsive will be the employer.

  1. Become responsive to your surroundings

Learning about the risk on its own is not enough because you also have to be more responsive to your surroundings. Know your workplace and keep a clear vision of all the potential hazardous area and situation on the job. Your alertness will certainly reduce the chances of accidents.


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